Bor'is Mai'avel (Deathsword)

Sneaky second in command of House Deathsword


Bor’is wears a black skull mask that causes fear in those near him. He wears a suit of black chainmail from which hang wicked spiked chains. Also, he has a scimitar. Oh, and halfling-hide boots.


Bor’is has just returned, along with his brother Engra, to Elth’umare, from a trip to the Wood Elf city Dul’Nairadh on the surface world. Bor’is leads House Deathsword when Engra is away, and otherwise works together with his brother in evil plans and such. After his arrival, Bor’is even took the time to visit House Li’Cevol, bringing them back the heads of the twelve assassins sent to Dul’Nairadh to kill the brothers Deathsword.

Bor'is Mai'avel (Deathsword)

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