Engra Mai'avel (Deathsword)

Mentally unstable leader of House Deathsword, who carries a sentient sword.


Engra carries an Elven Courtblade. He has a red crystal mask, and breastplate armor. He should also carry the Deathsword with him, but it was absent when the in-person party met him.


Engra and his brother Bor’is have just returned from a trip to the surface world, near the Wood Elf city Dul’Nairadh. Their house, Mai’avel (also Deathsword) controls the Dead District (the necropolis) in the city Elth’umare. Engra himself is rumored to be unstable and often psychotic, perhaps owing to that sword he carries all the time…

Engra Mai'avel (Deathsword)

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