Depths of the Drow

First In-Person Adventure
The Church investigates House Li'Cevol

For reference, for both the players online, in-person, and myself, I’m posting this adventure in this very log. Will probably continue to do so as time allows. Those who were in the adventure can comment if they remember any important details they’d like here. Oh, and the adventure here occurs two days after the stuff going on in the online group.

The party, in the Fane of Lolth outside the city (big temple, west of town, past the noble house estates) is instructed by Head Priestess to go investigate some things. She elucidates the danger of the House Deathsword heretics, explaining that they have both a powerful weapon and they’re planning something extra-evil (Drow are always making evil plans. Only worth mentioning when they’re extra-evil). The party is given Church Insignia to communicate with.

Now they go to the District of Outcasts, where House Li’Cevol has control. In The Hideaway, a local establishment, the party finds one of House Li’Cevol’s guards, hiding out here while escaping the House, as he had betrayed them in some way. They intimidate the guard into telling them of secret entrances into Li’Cevol’s stronghold inside the city. Turns out that there are easily accessible crawlspaces in the roof of the structure.

The party sneaks around in these, and accidentally finds the goblin slave chambers. They fight the goblins and their bugbear overseer. Then the party continues on, eventually finding a room housing a black greatsword, which seems to be fit for demonbinding rituals. There’s a note that says essentially, “Don’t touch!”

Then they find another room and see El’hez’rad, House Li’Cevol’s leading House Wizard, standing in the middle of an arcane circle of runes, chanting and peering into a portal he created on the wall of the room. In the portal, the party sees a forest on the surface world, as well as some tents in a clearing, until they cut El’hez’rad off, interrupting his concentration. He, justly angry at the group of trespassers, curses at them and disappears into thin air!

He arrives back again just in time to find the party in another room, where they had found Ulviirala, House Li’Cevol’s matron mother. They were about to start a fight with her, as somewhere they had found evidence that she wants to semi-legally get higher ranking in the Church, but she decides to let them leave, wanting to keep good relations with Lolth’s Church. El’hez’rad is upset that he couldn’t kill them… not yet, anyway.

The party takes a short walk to the Dead District, where they see a funeral (many funerals among the drow) and find two swords (one katana, one wakizashi) stashed in a secret compartment of the Necropolis Square altar. They continue into the necropolis and find the Elf who runs the Grim Ghost. In there they find the ghost himself, who was once a warrior in House Deathsword. He gives them plot-relevant (or maybe not-so-relevant?) information which I won’t repeat here (meaning don’t metagame, you online people. But by all means visit the Elf at her tavern).

Walking back to the square and thus out of the Dead District, the party encounters another Eye of Lolth, who informs them that Bor’is Deathsword has returned to the city. Just two days ago he was reputedly in House Li’Cevol’s stronghold, though the house covered the matter up very well.

Anyway, the Eye is cut short by an Elven Courtblade, which suddenly appears in her chest, as an invisible person stabbed her with it from behind. She lets out a terrified scream and dies with a horrible expression on her face. Behind her there stands Engra Deathsword with a bloody courtblade. He talks to the party, and says some stuff (which may or may not be important). There’s a short fight, but he escapes to deal with them another day. He’s got more pressing matters to attend to.

That’s it. Brief summary. I could try and remember more details, but if the players remember anything, feel free to point it out.


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